Empress Resort Wrap


Designer’s Notes

This classic wrap style is given a modern twist with a unique geometric design. Each colour runs seamlessly into the other within the intarsia knit structure. Mutli-tasking, it can be styled with a belt, or worn a bunch of different ways.

One Size fits all

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Fabric Information
Merinomink™ is an exclusive blend of 100% natural fibres – fine Merino wool and luxurious Brushtail Possum Fibre blended with silk for strength, and with angora added for lighter colours.

Merinomink™ is unique in that it has featherweight softness and is incredibly warm, due to the hollow structure of the Brushtail Possum Fibre, which traps air both within the fibre and in the fabric when blended with high crimp, fine Merino. The fibre has no scales, so resists pilling and has outstanding durability and excellent performance characteristics.

Garment Care

Merinomink™ Garments are a blend of fine Merino and luxurious Possum Fur. They are 100% natural fibres and should be handwashed to help maintain their superb natural loft and warmth. While Merinomink™ garments require less washing because they resist odour (making it easier on you and the environment) we do recommend washing your Meinomink™ garments on a regular basis to help keep them at their best.

Merinomink™ garments are manufactured to a very high colour fastness to minimise the risk of colour bleeding or fading, however it is recommended dark or brightly coloured garments are never washed with pale shades or whites.

Proper care will give you a garment that will look good for years to come. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is any concern

Step 1.
Turn your garment inside out – this will help protect the garment’s outer surface,
and help maintain its new look longer.
Step 2.
Gently handwash in cold water.
Step 3.
Rinse throughly to remove all detergent.
Step 4.
Squeeze, do not wring. Wringing or excessive agitation of the garment
will damage the fibres.
Step 5.
A low to medium spin cycle in a washing machine is recommended to remove as
much moisture as possible.
Step 6.
Dry flat immediately. Never leave wet garments stacked on one another for any length of time.
Tumble drying will cause the garment to shrink and cause unrepairable damage.


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